Produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer, Corin Nelsen. The NEW YORK TIMES describes David’s playing as “Jazz, Folk, Blues Superstructures”

After a 15-year absence from solo recording, guitarist and Grammy winner David Cullen has returned with a triumphant album showcasing his abundant talents spread across a wide variety of tunes, covering all manner moods, tempos, and styles.

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Revival celebrates the wonderful music that a single guitar can make when in the hands of a masterclass musician, which Cullen most assuredly is.

One need only look at his long career of both previous solo works, his appearances on collaborations (including his wife, Jill Haley a world-class oboist and English horn artist) and assorted compilations, e.g., Woodsongs, which also featured Will Ackerman, Alex deGrassi, and Preston Reed.

Cullen entered something of a flow state and astounded himself at the tunes streaming out – Lancaster Online

The word revival is defined as: An improvement in strength; an instance of becoming popular again; a new production of an old play or similar work; a restoration of mental vigor to life or consciousness.

David (in the album’s liner notes) writes “I had a wonderful REVIVAL on a memorable, sun-drenched afternoon this past May. 10 tunes from this project came pouring out in 2 hours. I truly don’t know where they all came from, but it was what some folks call a flow state oF effortless attention. I hope that you will be able to experience your own REVIVAL as you listen.”


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