Revival |
After a 15-year absence from solo recording, guitarist and Grammy winner David Cullen has returned with a triumphant album showcasing his abundant talents spread across a wide variety of tunes, covering all manner moods, tempos, and styles.

Revival celebrates the wonderful music that a single guitar can make when in the hands of a masterclass musician, which Cullen most assuredly is. One need only look at his long career of both previous solo works, his appearances on collaborations (including his wife, Jill Haley a world class oboist and English horn artist) and assorted compilations, e.g., Woodsongs, which also featured Will Ackerman, Alex deGrassi, and Preston Reed.

Guitar Travels | order online
Guitar Travels started out as a solo guitar project. As I started recording, I realized that second guitar parts were needed to complete the essence of the songs, turning this album into a one man duo performance.

Pink Guitar | order online
Acoustic guitar solos of Mancini’s most beloved melodies performed by the world’s greatest acoustic artists.

David Cullen is featured on this New Land Music Compilation “Woodsongs”. It features 17 acoustic guitarists including Will Ackerman, Alex DeGrassi, and Preston Reed among others. David’s selection is entitled “Country Carnivale”.

One Night One Guitar | order online
Solo Live recording featuring woks by Bach, Corea, Zawinul, and Cullen.

Indigo Blue | order online
Original solo guitar works recorded at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios.

Equilibre | order online
Duo recording with Grammy nominated bass virtuoso Michael Manring.

Classical Jazz | order online
Live recording with the Gabriel String Ensemble featuring the works of Cullen, Vivaldi, Boccherini and Zawinul of Birdland.

Holiday Guitar | order online
Christmas tunes with an improvisational gospel/jazz flair and solo guitar.

Exploding Colors | order online
David Cullen – Guitar, Fretless Bass
Jill Haley – Oboe, English Horn

In the Pocket | order online
Solo Guitar

The Collection | order online

Grateful Guitar | order online
Solo Guitar recording featuring Grateful Dead classics, TAB/Standard Notation Transcription Book available.

Jazz, Classical and Beyond | order online
Multi Angle Instructional DVD